Child Rights

PBET is vehemently involved in different activities to protect child rights. It has been trying hard to safeguard child rights through proper coordination with different state agencies and support systems available under different legislations or schemes. A girl child labor was rescued and given proper nurture, legal support and education. PBET constantly engage with Sarba Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) for rehabilitation child labour and children victim of domestic violence. There are three children studying in the bridge school under SSA.

PBET has been intervening with several incidences of sexual violence where victims are minor. Legal support, counseling, reparations, safe shelters are arranged for them. Proper documentation and reporting to different human rights institutions at the national and international levels are integral part of PBET's programme.

PBET has a non formal education centre in the 24 line of Gatonga Tea Estate since 2011. While working under NRHM project it was observed that school dropout rate is high in that area. The parents work in the tea garden and the younger siblings are taken care of by the elder ones. To cater the child care need of the children from 1 to 6 year old children, the centre was started. In the centre children are prepared and then integrated to the formal school after 6 years. This is a community owned process and the land was given by the community to construct the centre.