About Us

Purva Bharati Educational Trust (PBET) was conceived by a group of thoughtful retired educationists to provide career-oriented education to the students in a rural pocket of Jorhat district of Assam in 1995. It was registered under indian trust act 1982 in the year 1988 to make education the stepping stone for future development. In 2007, PBET started addressing the issues of development in the North East Region within the framework of its motto,'To seek, to strive and not to yield'.

Our Mission

1. Establish educational centres and training institutions.

2. Initiate programmes on education, livelihood, health, governance, art and culture and disaster management with special focus on the rights of women, children, economically disadvantaged and the marginalised sections of society.

3. Conduct youth programmes to involve them in the process of development.

4. Initiate studies on social problems.

Our Vision

The PBET holds its vision to have a society for hope, justice, peace and development.

Registration detail of the organization
Year of Registration-1998, Registered under Indian Trust Act, 1982
Registered under Income Tax Act, 12AA, 80G
Permanent Account No- AAATP7302E


How you can help us

Just call at +91-376-2372162 to make a donation